A Roman God – Five

March 31, 2011

With a loud ‘thunk’ that reverberated throughout the ship, the square of wall finally hit the ground. Jacques was almost knocked off his feet by the inrush of air through the newly made portal, but by wind-milling his arms, managed to stay upright.


Staring at them through the new door were several members of Kwog’s species, each of them holding a long, pointy ended staff. At the very front of this procession, stood Gurl, arms hanging loosely by his sides.


“Kawrsgs shahtugs kiierenas lavore!” he spat out, vehemently.


Lince shouldered Jacques out the way, and stood nonchalantly in the doorway. He brandished a finger, and then pointed it towards his ear, waving it around and looking puzzled.


“Kawrsgs shahtugs kiierenas lavore!” Gurl shouted, again, pushing his face right up close to Linces’.


Lince shrugged, and turned to Kwog. “Do you understand what they’re saying?”


Kwog nodded. “’e sed that you are to be imprisoned ‘ere, then shipp’d ta Lavore.”


Jacques nodded slowly. “Lavore is a nice place, right?”


“Lavore is a lifetime impriso’ ment planet.” Kwog growled. “Incident’ly, they offered me a job. Dun’t wurry, I’ll git us outta here.”


Kwog turned to face the leader of the guard squad. “Gurrahkasnatomvi!”


The guards immediately assumed defensive positions, lowering their spears to face the trio.


Kwog raised his hands, taking a step back, “Hurtkas!”


Unfortunately, the guards didn’t seem to take heed, and with their spears crackling with glowing bolts of blue light, firmly jabbed them into Lince, Jacques and Kwog.


The last thing Jacques thought as pain lanced its way across his body was the continuing hope that ‘Lavore’ was some kind of pleasure planet.



Lince woke up first, twisting his head painfully, looking around the meager holding cell. It was a very basic cell, pretty much a square, metal box, with actual metal bars across the entrance. “How quaint,” he thought to himself. Standard criminal holding. The good news was, he should be able to escape from the cell pretty easily.


Jacques woke up second, rubbing his head wearily. “What the hell was that?”


“Shock lance.” Lince replied matter-of-factly.


“It HURT!”


“It was meant to. That’s the point of shock lances. We better start working on getting out of here, shouldn’t be too difficult.”


Jacques kept on rubbing his head, finally gathering about him enough sense to take a look around the holding cell. “Where’s Kwog?”


Lince scanned the prison again. “I assume they’ve taken him to be punished separately. “


“Well, what did he say that made them attack us?”


“Judging from the reaction of the guards, I assume Kwog told them that he didn’t want the job.”


Jacques sighed, and slumped down against the wall of the cell.



Gurl stepped proudly onto the bridge, observing with pleasure that the lift had been silky smooth throughout his journey.


“RIRG! You have done excellently with this lift! The scum have been apprehended!”


Gurl frowned at the lack of a grovelling reply, and strided over to the recumbent Rirg. “Sleeping on the job?! After I dared to compliment you, as well.” Gurl growled, and raising his hand, gave Rirg a sharp slap across his face.


The sleeping reptilian sat bolt upright, moving with an odd stiffness. His head turned to look Gurl in the face.


“What are you playing at, you lowlife idiot? Open your eyes and look at me!”


Yes.” Rirg stated, slowly opening his eyes, revealing unnaturally black eyes. Jerking his hand up, he grabbed Gurl by his neck, and twisting his wrist sideways cleanly snapped his neck. Gurl slumped to the floor, jerked, and lay still.


Rirg, eyes wide open, surveyed the bridge without blinking, solid black eyes drinking in the scene. Finally, he turned his gaze towards the dead Gurl.


You had it coming. I shall not apologise. However, I require this shell.


Rirg jerked backwards in his chair, bracing himself against armrests, and let out a low, guttural moan as black, smoky tendrils rose from his skin, which burnt away from the tendrils, revealing yellow bone. The tendrils arced through the bridge, and leapt into the corpse of Gurl. Rirg sank back in his chair.


Gurl opened his eyes, and sat up, eyes glowing fiercely black, before it slowly faded away, the normal, yellow slits that passed for his eyes taking it’s place.


Excellent. I must not be obstructed.